Is it safe to use coffee shop wi-fi?

(maybe yes?)
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Sensible Security

The free, concrete, and evidence-informed cybersecurity guide for sensible people.

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What is Sensible Security?

The Internet is safer today than it has ever been, but my friends are scared of the Internet (and my mom is, too).

I wrote Sensible Security to help them.

Sensible Security is a complete, evidence-informed guide to cybersecurity for sensible people. It focuses on real, enduring concepts (used by security professionals) to equip you with the tools you need to keep you and your family safe.

The Internet is dangerous. It's right to be afraid of it sometimes. But it's wrong to be afraid of it without understanding it. Sensible Security helps you understand it.

Understand the Internet. Feel more competent—like you can understand what's happening. Be sensible. Read Sensible Security.

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Why is this guide free?

The short answer: because I wrote it for my friends (and my mom).

The long answer: I've been learning about networking (and security) long enough to feel safe on the Internet myself, but I realized that my friends had no clue how to be safe! They were paying attention to the news and generic "security advice" (not all of it good), but still they didn't feel secure.

They were right: they were not secure. They started asking me for help, and I realized I needed better information. I started reading and researching; I shared what I learned. Then I wrote it down.

When I thought about it, I realized that tons of people feel the same way: scared and eager to learn, but unsure where to start. They are my friends, my family, and my colleagues.

I saw other security advice, and I thought mine would be helpful. So I decided to share it with everyone. Besides, I trust strangers with my credit card information all the time. If I share this guide for free, maybe those strangers will read it and keep my money safe .

So friends, family, strangers, here it is: Sensible Security. Stay safe!

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